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Plate Method

Macros are not the only way to measure or track food. Another very popular technique is called The Plate Method. I love this method because I feel like anyone can use it and it not take over their routine but still produce results. Here is what it looks like:

traditional, high-carb diet plate:

1/2 veggies

1/4 protein

1/4 starch or carb

*add a little fruit on the side if you’d like

For this plate, the fat usually shines through in the protein or ingredients used to make the other foods (oils, butter, etc).

low-carb, high-fat diet plate:

1/2 veggies

1/4 protein

1/4 fats

*could potentially add a small side of fruit or starch/carb

For this plate, you can see we are simoly switching out the carbs or fat. These fats can be nuts, butter, avocado, cheese, coconut, egg or even a supplement such as fish oil. You can also look for your protein to be a more fatty cut of meat.

The main goal for either plate is to continue getting a 1/2 plate of veggies and a good portion of protein!

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