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What does Living Guilt-Free mean?

Updated: Jan 20, 2020

Live guilt-free. What does this mean?

Living guilt-free is not only a pillar of FAN but it's an idea that leads me to decisions that I make everyday. Jocko Willink has an entire book dedicated to the idea that discipline equals freedom.

Taking this into my own life looks like this:

I track my food, eat my veggies and complete my training weekly, so that when I have a beer on the weekend, I drink it guilt-free knowing that everything else has happened as it should. In this example, it isn't necessarily about the beer but the experience of relaxing and not worrying about tracking and being totally in the moment or present with the person/people at the table.

What it looks like when I do not live the life of discipline equals freedom:

I may or may not track my food throughout the week. I am not thinking about what I'm putting into my body. Im not asking myself, "Why am I eating this?", "Is this putting me closer to my goals?" or "Is this going to fuel my body in the way that i need?". Maybe I'm drinking on the week days and eating out instead of being intentional with my time and actions. In this case, when the weekend comes around, I might have a beer but I can assure you that it is not guilt-free. Not only are you not on track with your nutrition goals but you may be consumed in the thoughts of "Should I be drinking this right now?", "I should be at the gym instead of here because I sucked this week!"... and so on.

In creating discipline throughout our lives we leave room for freedom. After months and months of being on point with our nutrition, getting into the gym 5 times a week, saving money, and so on... we have the freedom to live it up for a week on vacation. No guilt, no "should I be eating this?", no scoping out the closest gym. Just freedom.

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