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Fuel Your Heart is a Non-Profit Organization that my friend and I started after running a 48-mile run for charity. For so long I ran for myself. And for a long time that was enough. But after this event, I wanted to it again and again. 

After people that we love were affected by the wildfires on the West Coast, we wanted to do something! 

Fuel Your Heart was created. 

Our Mission:

Fuel Your Heart is designed to take people from all walks of life and join together in huge numbers to raise awareness for causes all over the world. We serve people that we don't know and may never meet. Running fuels our hearts so our mission is to create challenging but rewarding running events that anyone can join while raising money and awareness. 

What's Next:

We are not currently running an event but if you have a cause, group of people or organization that you feel we should know about, please email us!!


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