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FAN of You Challenge:

The goal of the FAN of You Challenge is to form healthy habits revolving around food. We will be looking at how we can approach food on a daily basis that is not going to be so restrictive that we can't enjoy our favorite foods but also teach us the best ways to get in our protein, veggies, fruits, carbs.. everything.


You will be educated on macronutrients and food groups, as well as mindset concepts that will lead to forming these healthy habits. 


Weekly, you will have goals that build on each other. These goals are structured in a way of importance and timing. This will create an ideal flow throughout the challenge.

Weekly Topics Include but are not limited to:

  • Quality of Food 

  • Quantity of Food

  • Planning Ahead

  • Protein Intake 

  • Carbohydrate and Fat Intake

  • Water and Alcohol

  • Sleep and Stress



This challenge is for those that are looking to learn more about nutrition. This can be for pure education, weight loss and muscle gain. We have seen success in all 3 categories!

The next challenge starts on June 18th. sign-up below to participate in for the summer fan of you challenge!


You can participate in this challenge from anywhere! 

Let's Talk Money:
$100 gets you access to a lot of detailed information that has been tested, researched and proven time and time again. The best part? You can use this information over and over once the challenge had ended. 

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