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What i believe:

There is a lot of confusion surrounding nutrition, food, and dieting. 

I believe that it’s simple. 

I believe that you can enjoy your favorite foods and still hit goals. 

I believe that you can accomplish any physical goal if you are fueled correctly. 

I believe that even with your lifestyle, crazy schedule, and chaos, you can find an approach that fits you. Just the way you are. 

I believe in diets that bend when you bend but are consistent enough to make a true difference in your life.

I believe that everyone deserves to not only see results with their nutrition plan but have them last. Through all seasons, through all stages of life and, yes, even on the weekends. 


I believe that if you really want it, it’s just not that hard. 

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I want to start off saying trust the process and trust Christina! I have tried creating a healthy relationship with eating and working out for many years and until I joined Christina on this journey I was never able to find that healthy balance. I have been working with Christina for about three months now and I’d be lying if I said I have everything figured out. But that is why I have chosen to be honest with her on my bad days and on some of my best days. She has become so much more than a coach, I know that I can text her at any time and she always has the right answer. I know that she will never give up on me but I also know that she will not let me get away with excuses. I have lost 10 pounds since I started with her which may not seem like a lot, but to me it is so much more than the 10 pounds. I have made a new friend and created a healthy relationship with food and working out that I can maintain as a lifestyle. I eat more now than I ever have and my day is not consumed with working out. I have fun on the weekends with my friends and family and I don’t feel guilty on Monday mornings anymore. I also have more energy now than ever and I have completely cut out energy drinks. I enjoy my cup of coffee in the morning but other than that I’m truly fueled by the food I’m putting in my body. And what I love most is that everything I’m eating I love! Christina is so good about finding good food that actually taste good which makes this journey so much better. So all I have to say is go for it, trust the process, and enjoy this journey with an amazing coach!!

Taylor Burgess, Client

Christina and I met through our crossfit gym and let me tell you she is just a ray of sunshine. As I got to know her more and more, she had mentioned to me she was starting her journey to become a full time nutritional coach. I’ve been counting macros for a few years now and still was learning so much. I decided to start working with Christina and it was the the best decision ever. I am able to eat clean but also splurge and enjoy going out to eat all my favorite foods. She’s been absolutely amazing to work with these past couple of months. She’s constantly there for me whenever I have any questions or problems I run into. She’s always encouraging me even when it’s been a bad week for you. She makes me want to challenge myself daily! Christina is an amazing coach and friend. 

Kim Salerno, Client

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